Vanessa Horca and her team’s speciality lies within a bespoke range of PR and Marketing services including strategic online and print campaigns.

The knack for thinking outside the box and creating solutions with accuracy helps Vanessa to get the job done. All aspects of marketing is second nature to Vanessa who is extremely dedicated to each and every one of her clients.

Vanessa’s sharp and dedicated approach with her no bullsh*t attitude provides the rapport she has developed over the years catering to her clients of all industries.

Vanessa possesses an eclectic mix of skills giving her an edge over her competitors.

The abundance of knowledge ascertained over the years just keeps growing.

She regularly consults with a team of entrepreneurs helping to keep up to speed on things. Vanessa has many professional mentors within a strong global network who care for her to excel in her profession. Providing her with the knowledge ensures she carries out the given tasks and they are there to provide advice whenever she requires guidance and a few tips.

As a fierce popular networker with many friends in popular London social circles and lots of resources available at hand, Vanessa has been able to pick up consultancy work on just a meet and greet basis. She can swiftly pinpoint her large roster of clients to the contacts and products/services they seek.

Her generous well being of supplied goodwill gestures to her peers and friends have been returned with recommendations from her vast network of contacts resulting in new business.

Talking in public to large crowds is also second nature to Vanessa. Having hosted numerous large scale fashion show parties monthly at Pacha London, hosting festivals such as the Morden Park Bayanihan Festival as Co MC and speaking live on television in a debate at the Victoria Derbyshire show on BBC TV last August 2016, demonstrates her ability to talk with confidence and ease.

With minimal due diligence from potential clients thanks to her strong social media platform that speaks high volumes, has led to bookings and projects. Her clients are comfortable with the vision she provides and a plan they execute and follow. She is very results-driven.

Vanessa remembers typing out an exclusive feature for MTV UK‘s The Wrap Up column late at night while on holiday in Ibiza from just her Blackberry phone, and sending it within minutes to her MTV Editor without having to checking a few times. That’s how confident she was about her Blogging work.

As a PR person from London, travelling around the world and remaining highly connected, Vanessa is temporarily based in Spain and still able to carry out work duties from afar.

Meeting various characters and entrepreneurs from all walks of life over the years has formed long-lasting friendships within a competitive environment. Her fortune was the connections she had with organisations and individuals in multiple industries as well as countless London clubs and bars, giving her a strong foundation to pursue a career in Public Relations. She finally left the Corporate life in Accounting within the Financial Services industry in 2010 and currently enjoys the pressure and hustle and bustle consulting in the Real Estate, Entertainment and Sports industries.

The Entrepreneurial journey continues.

Vanessa's interview on Guestlist Network at her Bodmove party in EGG Ldn nightclub

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