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“Enlighten Myths” is a photographic and technological project that tend to redefine the nude using the artistic tools of the 21st century.

The body becomes a living canvas and communicates with the light his volumes to show classic personalities that inspired the whole occident during centuries.
A subtile mix of generative design, projection mapping, development and interactivity that offers an ideal interaction between the model and the photograph designer.

The set presented here is the first part of the ambitious project illustrating the protagonists of the Greek mythology using light designs realized in real time on bodies and captured by the artist.
At midway between live performance and classic art, the project redefines the photographic emotion and places the bases of the future development of this new artistic technique.

Music: DJ Mideric

MiDeRiC is a multi talented international artist currently based in Switzerland who brings you to high technologic art . With a domineering stance of more than 20 years of technologic art productions (design, music, photography, video, projection mapping, live performances, contemporean art installs) he is also software developper and uses this experience to provide new artistic tools using interactivity, sound reactivity and machine learning.

Facebook Fan page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/MiDeRiCLightDesign
Website: https://499reality.com
Email: 499Reality@gmail.com

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