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Michael Simon de Normier, Scriptwriter and Producer of his new film project: Elise: Black Beethoven in Love has begun his plans to cast and search for the young 16yo Black Beethoven in Görlitz, then Bonn the birthplace of Ludwig Van Beethoven, and finally Berlin.

Coinciding with the 250th Birthday of Germany’s most famous composer this 17th December 2020, Michael (born in Bonn too) and the team will use this as a perfect time after three months of active casting to announce who is on the shortlist as the chosen young black actor, who will be in the film scenes revolving around the earlier life of the young Black Beethoven. 

They will begin the initial casting selection with the trip to Görlitz on 11th October 2020 at the Berzdorfer Beach.  Two more projects will be developed and revealed in the picturesque city popularly known as #Görliwood. As soon as the pandemic allows, he plans to shoot scenes for his exciting project revolving around Beethoven in the Euroastadt Görlitz. Most of the casting will be virtual (e-casting). The diverse jury is going to be announced on 11th October too – including vibrant names from the culturally-diverse scene in the heart of Europe.

Michael Simon de Normier is in discussions with a big name from the USA to play the lead role of Black Beethoven. His own credits in the past including Kate Winslet’s Academy award as one of the Filmmakers of Stephen Daldry´s THE READER – shot in Cologne and Görlitz as well as a viral campaign in 2015 #WelcomeChallenge* and recent public positionings against the rise of the German right-wing party AfD. Görlitz is a pivotal place and shooting the BLACK BEETHOVEN there is another statement, as last year no other than American white supremacist populist Steve Bannon announced the city at the open border to Poland as his Domino stone for plans to take over power in Europe**. This idea has been clearly smashed by the election of the new liberal-conservative Lord Mayor Octavian Ursu, an influential European!

AfD reacted with an announcement to do, ‘’Whatever is capable to combat“ the plans around the BLACK BEETHOVEN project.

There are multiple theories and assumptions that have caused debates worldwide surrounding the case that Germany’s arguably greatest son could be in fact of black descent. Besides the anniversary of Beethoven, this year has given a new approach on the heritage of marginalized cultural contributions of Black Europeans too with the Black Lives Matter movement.***

Teaming with leading genealogist Dr. Ralf G. Jahn (‘’The Schiller Code“) and DNA-expert Prof. Parson from Innsbruck, Simon de Normier has appealed for an up-to-date investigation of Beethoven´s DNA on Vienna´s central cemetery. A documentary film is going to feature this process and the historical thus cultural background – hosted by UFA associated Tyron Ricketts, a German-Austrian PoC himself.





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